Bravo during the final / CA2015.COM

Claudio Bravo ended the season by winning the Copa América with hosts Chile and being selected as the best goalkeeper in the tournament. After beating Argentina in the final on penalties, the blaugrana revealed: "We simply had to win."

The Chile captain maintained that for success, his team had had to "leave behind the negatives in our history" that had followed his team up to that point. It is Chile's first ever victory in the Copa América and for that reason Bravo considers himself to be a part of a "priviledged generation" that deserved the win.

Mascherano: It's torture

The reverse is true for the Argentinian team. Barça man Javier Mascherano was the epitomy of disappointment after the defeat. "I would like to enjoy wearing this shirt more than anyone, but it's tough," he admitted. After having lost the World Cup final last year also, he added: "It's torture, I can't find any explanation."

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