Carlos Vives and Luis Suárez during the Foundation event in Washington / MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Colombian singer-songwriter Carlos Vives was there to watch FC Barcelona train today at the FedEx Field, the last session for the team before playing Chelsea and heading home. Accompanied by his family, he chatted to Barça TV wearing a first team shirt. “I wear it with pride” he beamed. “There is a lot of love for the team in my country.”

Vives attended an FCB Foundation event on Tuesday, where he spoke about soccer and culture in the company of Luis Suárez and Marc Bartra. “We have a history of falling in love with Barça and the football they give us” he continued. “I love the fraternity about the way they play. You can see how they have been taught and the values that they get across. They don’t only have skill, they have friendship too.”

He added that he is not dismissing the idea of writing a song about the team. “Barça’s football inspires us” he said.

FC Barcelona US summer tour: Carlos Vives by fcbarcelona
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