Xavi Hernández, two days from the start of La Liga season / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

This Friday Xavi Hernández told his press conference that, after almost a month of preparation, and a couple of days before Barça start their Liga campaign, he’s even more optimistic than  a few days ago, when he last appeared before the media. “I’m more motivated than on my first day because I like what I’m seeing” he said. "The squad are working really well under Luis Enrique. If you could see how the team is training you’d know that things are looking good.” Xavi has noted that each training exercise has a specific objective, and these objectives are being fulfilled.Every year Barça deserves to win at least one major trophy

This will be his seventeenth season at Barça, and he claims that his enthusiasm is just as strong as it was on the very first day. "I can’t wait to get started" he says. "We’ve had a good preseason and adapted well to the coach ... We know that last year we didn’t meet our targets. Barça should win at least one major trophy every year."I’m working hard to carry on being important. The coach makes the decisions, but I'm ready for anything and will accept any situation

On a personal note, he admits that he is going to need to work hard to earn a regular place in the starting eleven. "I’m working hard to carry on being important" he said. "The coach makes the decisions, but I'm ready for anything and will accept any situation”. Although he faces strong competition in midfield, Xavi knows that "the season is very long and there are lots of games ... Every aspect of the team is important. But this is Barça and it’s nothing new for me."

He ended by explaining that one of the reasons why he expects a good season is the bond that is being created between the players. "We’ve signed very good players both on a football and personal level" he said. "The human relationships are the best there have been in recent years. Coexistence and harmony are fantastic. Our results will tell the story but we’re starting from the basis that this is a fantastic group."

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