Luis Enrique watching from the sideline during Sunday's 5–2 win in Bilbao. /MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

Luis Enrique was very happy for his team's resounding 5–2 victory at San Mamés on Sunday night, putting them just a point behind leaders Real Madrid. "We played well tonight, but there will surely be more surprises this season," he warned.

What the coach said:

"It's a privilege to coach Messi and really the whole group. When a team generates lots of chances occasions but has trouble breaking through, the stronger teams are the ones that work collectively."

"Dominating different areas of the game benefits us. We were more direct on some plays."

"For us, it's ideal to plan by focusing on the attack. But in the game it depends on how a team is able to move their lines, like Athletic. We know we have potential and I like to take advantage of our resources."

"We want to be a team that's more direct. But it's true that a team can win in many different ways."

"Throughout each season, every team has their ups and downs. The most consistent team will win the league, but it won't come until the end. Now's not the time to get cocky; we just have to focus on getting better, which will be the key to whether our season is a success. Right now we're still second."

"There haven't been any changes. We continue to work the same way. The team is the same from week 1 to week 30. The players aren't machines. Sometimes they’re better and sometimes they aren't, but we haven't changed anything. This is the same club. We would love to always look great, but that's impossible."

Luis Enrique: "No conviene sacar pecho ahora" por fcbarcelona
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