Ronaldinho celebrating a goal

Ronaldinho with the smile that conquered the Camp Nou. / PHOTO: Miguel Ruiz-FCB

When you think of Barça, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

I see a happy smile and uncontrollable happiness. It was my magic time. It all happened so perfectly that I can only thank this great Club for every second I spent there.

What are your best memories of the Club and the city?

Barça is the union and the coming together of so many people who love the Club. From the smile on the face of the security guard at the gate when he welcomed us every day, everyone was so full of enthusiasm that our day couldn’t help being happy. I met many great people there – normal, humble people who were just proud to be part of the Club - that is the best example of what Barça is all about.

Messi is looking physically stronger and happy with his familyYou have known Messi since the start of his career and you are good friends. Have you been surprised at his incredible career  - his awards and his goal scoring records?

I’ve not been surprised at all  - it’s the result of a lot of hard work and his unquestionable quality.

When Messi broke the league goal scoring record he remembered the man who’d provided the assist for his first ever goal – how did that make you feel?

What really makes me happy is seeing that every day he’s getting even better, looking physically stronger and happy with his family. Memories are in the background, the best thing of all is to be a friend of such a great guy, both on and off the pitch and to have known him at the start of his career and been a part of that important stage.

I get goose bumps thinking about when we played in the Champions LeagueAre you aware of what you represent for FC Barcelona? Barça TV made a lovely documentary about your time here called “When Barça got their smile back”. How do you feel about those feelings from the Club?

Barça lives in my heart. I was very grateful for that programme and I will always be grateful for everything the Club gave me and to all of the friends I made there, my team mates, who were like brothers to me, the things we won, the celebrations  - I get goose bumps thinking about when we played in the Champions League, all that adrenaline. It was just as if it were my own special world where I felt so good and happy to see such a vibrant Camp Nou.

Neymar made the right decision to come to BarçaDo you reckon Neymar could follow in your footsteps as a Barça great?

Neymar is going the right way! He made the right decision to come to Barça. He’s got a great role model in Messi and a squad of the best players from every country. Playing for Barça and being with the best players in the world will make him a better player.

What message would you like to send to the Club and the fans on this special occasion of their 115th anniversary?

To all the Barça fans, I want to say thanks you so much! Barça I love you with all my heart. All my respect to the best club in the world.


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