Neymar was speaking to the media at Granja Comary / PHOTO: FIFA.COM

Neymar is back at the Brazil camp after his country’s shocking 7-1 loss to Germany in the World Cup semi-finals. Speaking in the pressroom at the facility known as Granja Comary he described the physical pain he went through after fracturing a vertebra, and also voiced support for his international team-mates.

Rooting for Messi and Mascherano

Neymar won’t be there, but two other Barça players will be at the Maracanà on Sunday for the World Cup Final. Those are Messi and Mascherano, who will be hoping to help Argentina to its third world title. And Neymar will be supporting them all the way. “It’s odd for a Brazilian to want Argentina to win, but I have two great team-mates and I’d like them to win” he said, adding that “I have learned a lot from Mascherano and Messi is special in every sense. They deserve the World Cup”.

Accepting the situation

Neymar also spoke, with clear emotion in his words, about the moment when the injury occurred. “It happened at the most important time of my career, but I just have to accept it, because it could have been even worse” he said.

He was visiting the team camp to show solidarity with his international colleagues after the devastating loss to Germany. “We can’t carry on crying every day” he commented. “It happened, we suffered and we have cried all we have to. Now we have to lift ourselves up, get back to training and go out and win on Saturday. For ourselves, for the fans and for our families.”

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