Barça last season at the Etihad Stadium / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

This Tuesday at 7.00pm (CET) the window for requesting tickets for the Champions League last 16 tie game between Manchester City and FC Barcelona on 24 February at the Etihad Stadium. Since the application process was opened on Monday, members have requested 784 tickets grouped into 344 applications. As such all those who have applied for tickets will be able to make the trip to see the game in Manchester given that the number of tickets requested was within the allocated total of 1,715, as such there will be no need for a draw.

For the first leg of the tie, FC Barcelona were allocated 2,521 tickets at a price of 77 Euros each. As is customary, 85% of the tickets are distributed amongst the members (1,715) and the Supporters’ Clubs (428). The rest of the allocation is to be shared out to Club institutions and to sponsors and partners.

From Wednesday, the Club will contact those members who have made an application to proceed with final payment and to let them know how to collect their tickets.

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