Luis Enrique has dropped his first points as Barça manager. PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

“It was our hardest game so far because out opponents got so much right”, said FCB manager Luis Enrique after the 0-0 draw with Malaga. “We lacked accuracy over the final metres. The result was never in danger, and neither did we suffer much.”

He accepted that “Malaga had a good game, they were very intense … We needed to be more patient, we lost the ball too much by attacking too directly. It wasn't a great game for us”. But after playing three games in eight days, he did feel obliged to comment that “the players aren’t machines. That’s a game every three days”.

He concluded by saying that “it’s crucial for us to be able to find Messi. Today we were missing several parts of our game that we usually have. If we can get Messi involved in the game, we’ll always be more dangerous.”

Luis Enrique: “We lacked accuracy over the... por fcbarcelona
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