Luis Enrique in the press conference in Munich / MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

“Focused, concentrated and ready to win the game,” that is how Luis Enrique sees his man ahead of the second leg of their Champions League semi-final in the Allianz Arena against Bayern Munich. The 3-0 win in the first leg has not altered his plans. “If we have got this far with good results then we have to do the same. We won’t sit back,” warned the Barça coach in his pre game press conference in Munich.

Furthermore, as Pep Guardiola his counterpart had said previously, he said his side would try to control the game. “A crazy game does not suit us. We prefer to have the ball and in our opponents half, even though we know that it will be difficult and that at a given moment we will have to look for the space,” admitted the Asturian. Below we outline some more comments from Luis Enrique’s press conference:

A quality semi-final

“It’s impossible to be relaxed in a semi-final of the Champions League. On the contrary, at times I have to put the brakes on the players.”

“I hope the most important night of my career is still to arrive.”

An ever dangerous rival

“I see an offensive Bayern side as always. The same as us, I hope to see a very attractive game.”

“In the previous round they came back. We know that at times we will have problems. We want the game to be like the first leg.”

Defined model

“We are coming off the back some good performances away from home and we will maintain our objectives.”

“If we go forward with the idea that we have to go after the game, that will bring us close to the final. We know that we can create problems for them.”

Luis Enrique wants to win in Munich por fcbarcelona
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