Luis Enrique watched his side draw 1-1 at the Allianz Riviera / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Luis Enrique has sat on the Barça bench for the second time as first team manager, a 1-1 draw in France, although he insists that “the result is what matters least. These games are for seeing where each player is and telling each of them what things they’ll need to improve”.

What let him down in the first half was “players not knowing how to make use of space … In the second half we created more chances by playing well.” One of the men who came on after the break was Xavi Hernández, and Luis Enrique commented that “right now he’s back to his best both in terms of fitness and motivation … I hope that all the players with me now are still here at the end of the season” although he did not deny that the club is still looking at other potential signings.

He was also pleased with the way the new signings are adapting the team. “We’re going the logical, and correct, way about things. We can’t expect too much before the season has even started”.

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