Luis Enrique netted six goals against Atlético Madrid—all at Camp Nou—when he played for Barça. PHOTO: FCB ARCHIVE

This Sunday, Barça manager Luis Enrique is set to face Atlético Madrid for the first time since he has been at the helm. As a Barça player—from 1996 to 2004—he faced Atlético seven times in La Liga, scoring six goals. The first goal was in his opening season at Camp Nou with Bobby Robson leading the team. The other goals came during a pair of Louis Van Gaal's coaching stints at the Catalan club.

The teams that Luis Enrique played on at FC Barcelona had a decent record against Atlético, two wins, four draws and one defeat. The two teams did not face each other between 2000 and 2002 because Atlético were in the Second Division. Check out this video containing Luis Enrique's six goals against them, all from within the friendly confines of Camp Nou.

Six goals from Luis Enrique with Barça against... by fcbarcelona
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