Jordi Alba, on El Marcador. PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB.

After Barça's eighth straight victory, Jordi Alba acknowledged that they were in top form. "Since Anoeta, we've been very good, with a positive change," he told Barça TV. The turning point was clear: "Beating Atlético in the league at home gave us a big push."

At the same time, "if we win we have more confidence, but we can not forget that it's a long season and it's very difficult to win titles."

In top shape

Personally, Alba said he felt good, better than last year. When asked about Villarreal, he said "they surprised us a bit on the counter; they're very fast." And he knows Villarreal will be a tough rival in the Cup semi-finals. "We're not in the final yet," he warned.

Jordi Alba offers a stark reminder por fcbarcelona
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