Both the Spanish mainstream media and sports publications, as well as the international press, have once again dumped heaps of praise on Lionel Messi's performace in the Spanish Cup. While Messi scored twice, it was his first of the evening which rendered even the most seasoned follower of FC Barcelona suddenly speechless. His second goal of the evening, which rounded out the scoring for this year's champions, was an exhibition in anticipation, as the Argentine sneaked behind the Athletic defence to brilliantly flick home a low cross from Dani Alves. Other players making the covers were captains Xavi Hernandez and Andrés Iniesta, who hoisted the trophy together in the Camp Nou grandstand.

Here's a look at some of the more interesting headlines:

Olé (Argentina):Football with no cheating," headlined the counrty's largest sports daily, with a large photo of Messi with the trophy.

Crónica (Argentina): The issue displayed an image of Messi with the message: “Save something for later!,”in reference to the Champions League Final.

El País (Spain): The country's largest newspaper lauded the Argentinian in multiple features. "23 finals, 20 goals," went one headline, with the subtitle, "His Barça team mates talk about the ease with which the Argentinian star prepares for the biggest games."

Sport (Catalonia): They ran a double cover titled, "Double!," with a picture of Iniesta and Xavi lifting the trophy.

Mundo Deportivo (Catalonia): The newspaper also used the title "Double," describing Messi's first goal as "wonderful."

Marca (Spain): The Madrid newspaper called Messi "Your Majesty" and defined his first goal Messi as "a masterpiece."

As (Spain): "A lot of noise, a lot of Messi" was the headline in the Madrid-based sports daily, which highlighted the image of Iniesta and Xavi.

El Periódico (Catalonia): "Double and ..." waiting for the Champions League title.

ARA (Catalonia): According to the headline of this newspaper, it's "Messi's Cup."

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