Neymar will be wearing the new Hypervenom II boots by Nike / VÍCTOR SALGADO - FCB

Neymar Jr is the main image of Nike’s new Hypervenom II’, boots that take design and technology that little bit further to improve the comfort of the footballers that wear them. The sportswear brand’s latest jewels were presented at an event in the lobby to the Presidential Lounge at the Camp Nou, attended by the three men who designed the new boots.

Max Blau, Phil Woodman and Nathan Van Hook described what it is that makes the Hypervenom II so special and the many benefits Neymar Jr and so many other players will be enjoying.

“At Nike we like to better ourselves, and after the Hypervenom I, we wanted to go that little bit further” said Max Blau. “The new version benefits constant changes of direction and the agility of players like Neymar … They keep their feet centred to eliminate any distractions. Players want to forget about their boots, they don’t want them to distract them from their game.”

Max Blau also explained how “Neymar’s joy and naturalness meant that his character inspired the design of the new boots.”

Nike Hypervenom II new boots presented por fcbarcelona
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