FC Barcelona v Manchester City

This Thursday at 10.00am CET, non-season ticket holding members will be able to buy tickets for the game against Manchester City at the Camp Nou on March 18 at 8.45pm CET. They will be available from www.fcbarcelona.com, Ticketmaster, the club ticket offices and other authorised outlets, such as FCB official stores, the Barcelona Tourist Office, and Carrefour and FNAC stores in Spain. Up to six tickets may be purchased per person.

General public from Friday 13

Tickets will go on sale to other FC Barcelona and the general public from 10.00am on Friday 13. Sales will remain open until the day of the match, with availability changing as members free their seats using the Seient Lliure system.

Please note that due to UEFA regulations, these tickets cannot be sold to nationals of the United Kingdom.

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