Evaristo and Tejada at Camp Nou / Miguel Ruiz-FCB

They were team mates in one of the best Barça sides in history and they were there when the blaugranes took their first steps in Camp Nou. Both players were key components in a team that also included legends such as Luis Suárez, Kubala and Czibor. The two men are Evaristo de Macedo and Justo Tejada, two legendary figures in their own right, and they returned to Camp Nou in the week of the Clásico, still as friendly as they were out on the field for FC Barcelona 60 years earlier.

Evaristo, now 81 years old, is the top scoring Brazilian in the Club’s history with 178 goals in 226 games. The former Barça player scored two hat tricks that form an essential part of the Club’s history. He scored the first ever hat trick at Camp Nou in a 7-1 win over Valladolid. Furthermore, he was the first ever player to score a hat trick against Real Madrid at the blaugranes’ current home in a 4-0 victory in the league. “I knew it was going to be a difficult and I never imagined scoring three goals,” says Evaristo with a smile.

Nevertheless, his most remembered moment came in another match. It came against none other than Real Madrid when he scored a spectacular goal against their biggest rivals in the European Cup in 1960/61 which saw the then Champions eliminated from the competition for the first time ever. The moment was captured for ever in a wonderful photograph that shows Evaristo in full flight to score with a diving header. “I remember the goal really well. I have the photo at home,” reveals the man who provided Barça fans with one of their greatest memories.

Tejada rounded off the scoring

His great friend, now 82 years old, himself scored 129 goals in 253 games in a Barça shirt. The Catalan also had his moment of glory against Real Madrid in the game in which Evaristo recorded a hat trick. Tejada scored the final goal in the 4-0 win as well as providing as assist for his great friend. “It is an unforgettable memory. Winning 4-0 against Madrid is not something that happens very often,” remembers the former Barça striker.

Both players won plenty of trophies at Barça. Before Evaristo’s arrival, Tejada had already won the Fairs Cup and the Spanish Cup. With the Brazilian at the Club, they won two league titles together as well as another Fairs Cup and another Spanish Cup. After leaving the Club, both players would meet up once again at Real Madrid.

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