Sergio Busquets on the Barça TV programme 'El Marcador' / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

Speaking to the Barça TV programme “El Marcador”, Sergio Busquets reckons the 1-0 win over Atlético Madrid is a “good result – scoring a goal in Madrid will take us a step closer to the semi-finals – they’ll then have to score three”.

Busquets is well aware that it’s never an easy game against Simeone’s side: “they will close down spaces, put a lot of pressure and play very intensely - we’ll have to be 100% focussed and we’ll have to use the spaces well and move the ball around quickly. Atlético Madrid make you open up the game and we have Messi and Neymar to beat players on the flanks and try and go one on one with defenders”.

With the season now getting to an exciting point, Busquets pointed out: “we came back fit after the break  - it was a pity about Anoeta because we were on a good positive run . You can really tell that we are physically very much on top right now”.

Busquets upbeat about return game by fcbarcelona
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