Cesc Fàbregas was self-critical after Saturday’s defeat in San Sebastián. “We’re the first to know that we didn’t play a good game. We lacked mobility, intensity and precision, things that are vital to win a game,” he explained. The midfielder noted during this afternoon’s press conference that “we’ve analysed the game, we know where we made mistakes and now we have to recover everything that we didn’t do [against Real Sociedad].”At Anoeta we lacked mobility, intensity and precision, things that are vital to win a game

For Cesc, the defeat at Anoeta goes beyond line-ups and tactical approaches. “In football the result is the only thing that matters. In Vigo we played the same way and we won 0-3 and many praised us. On Saturday we played the same way and the reaction has been a little over the top. This season the four small guys have played together [Cesc, Iniesta, Xavi, Messi] in a classic 4-3-3 formation, and on Saturday with a 4-2-3-1... it seems as though we can’t use this tactical variant anymore,” he said.

The midfielder went on to say that the match in San Sebastián should help the team refocus their attention ahead of the final stretch of the season. “We’ve had a week to rest, and that’s vital to recover good vibes and the top spot of the table, where we want to be. On Sunday there can be no excuses,” he declared.The whole team is behind Tata Martino

Cesc added that he and his team-mates refuse to limit their ambition, noting that “we depend on ourselves. I believe in this team and in the players, because of what we’ve achieved and what we will achieve. We still have time to do something big this season.”

The midfielder also talked about Gerardo Martino and the support he has from the team. “He’s the person who has been the most self-critical. He’s almost supernatural, he wants to know our opinions and what we think. He’s humble, on Saturday he admitted that he made a mistake and I’m certain that he’ll know how to rectify a problem if something doesn’t work out the way he intended,” he explained. “I was pleasantly surprised [by Martino’s reaction], the whole team is behind him.”

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