Torras, Navarro, Egurrola and Tomàs make their predictions for the Clásico / PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA - FCB

Few sporting events generate so much talk as the Clásico between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. From pubs and offices to school playgrounds, it’s the main topic of conversation this week, and the Palau Blaugrana is no exception. The captains of Barça’s other professional sports teams have made their predictions for the game being played on Saturday October 26 (18.00, GolT and Canal+ Liga). They all predict FCB wins, but by different scorelines, as follows: Jordi Torras (3-1), Juan Carlos Navarro (2-0), Aitor Egurrola (3-0) and Víctor Tomás (2-1).

The 3-0 predicted by hockey keeper Aitor Egurrola is the most positive. He has a good feeling about the match, and believes the team “are on good form after the draw in Milan, which is a good result in Europe … I’m optimistic because it is in this kind of game that the players want to turn their excellent football into good results”.

Jordi Torras: “Anything can happen”

Futsal captain Jordi Torras has a lot of faith in the football team, and thinks the game will end 3-1, although “anything could happen because in sport you can never tell what the score will be beforehand. But one of the teams always goes into the game feeling more confident”. However, he does agree that in games like this, things are usually very tightly matched.

Basketball captain Juan Carlos Navarro is also optimistic, and has gone for a 2-0 win for a team that can “win and have fun winning …Barça are better placed than Madrid, but they’re a dangerous team with some big stars.” He is the only one of the four who can also experience Barça v Madrid in his own sport, and observes that “a clásico is always a clásico, and everyone wants to win”.

Víctor Tomás expects tough match

The handball representative is the cagiest, going for a narrower 2-1 win for the Catalans. “I don’t think the Milan game was all that impressive” he explains. “And I think Madrid are a fearsome opponent.”

Egurrola disagrees, saying that “Madrid are more uncertain about their game, they aren’t getting results and have yet to find their identity”. Jordi Torras agrees: “Madrid are not the same as they were in previous seasons and I think they’re finding it hard to adjust to their new manager. But if you look at them one by one, the individuals are all the same”.

Messi on every mind

As for who they expect to be the most outstanding performer on Saturday evening, they are all of the same opinion. Egurrola: “As ever, Leo Messi"; Torras: “Messi. He always produces the goods"; Navarro: “It’s always Messi who we talk about”; and Tomás: “Evidently, Leo Messi as per usual. He always gives 110% and in big games like this, he’s the player who tips the balance”.

But Messi is not a solo act, and the captains are aware of that. Navarro adds that “Puyol could be a very important player … he loves games like these” while Torras also mentioned Busquets and Xavi because the two midfielders “are playing well, and if they play well, the team plays well”.

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