Carles Puyol spoke to the media after the squad's first training session without Tito Vilanova in charge. Below are ten phrases from his press conference:

1.- "The truth is that it was a very hard blow for us and unfortunately, we’ve suffered quite a few recently. This has been the toughest though. We didn’t expect anything like that. The team is really affected by this still and Tito is very much present for us

2.- "Tito asked us to give everything for the Club, which would be the best way to help him. So that is what we will do. We will keep working as hard as we can and if he can take pleasure from our results, then all the better”.”.

3.- “When Tito spoke to us he showed us he is strong and determined to fight, which is the most important thing. It's vital that he knows we are with him all the way".

4.- (Regarding the new coach) “We are just getting on with training. That's down to teh board of directors and the director of football. They need to work in a calm atmosphere. They'll do what's best for the team".

5.- “All the names being mentioned are capable of being in charge of Barça. Whoever comes, we’ll help him as much as possible. Just as we have done with every coach".

6.- “We have our own way of playing and our own philosophy of football I am convinced they will be looking for a coach who can adapt to this and that they will make a good choice".

7.- “I really want to train with the rest of the players, but I can’t do that just yet. I’m not putting down any date for when I’ll be back. It’s been a hard year with three operations and when I do come back I want to be sure I am 100%”

8.- “Neymar is a great player, really good one on one. He may be young, but he’s played in some very big games – he’s ready to play for Barça

9.- “We've had a few issues with the centre half position over the last few years with injuries. I think the board is right if they think they need to strengthen that position and they have to bring in the best players they can".

10.- "You have to respect Thiago's decision. He decided to leave and look for something else and you just have to respect that. As to Cesc  - I don't think he'll be leaving".

You can watch the complete press conference here:

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