Alves, Neymar and Pinto

Alves, Neymar and Pinto

Neymar Jr and Dani Alves were the stars of the latest episode of “Follow your dreams”, which is José Manuel Pinto’s project to help young talented musicians and different foundations and NGOs. After debuting the first episode a couple of weeks ago which featured Carles Puyol, the two Brazilians appeared on the show.

The artists that participate in the program got the chance to talk about music with the forward and right back and they opened up about how important music is for them.

Víctor Tomás makes an appearance

In this second episode, Pinto also talked to another FC Barcelona athlete, the handball captain Víctor Tomás, and the swimmer On a Carbonell. Alexis Sánchez and the waterpolo player Jennifer Pareja will appear in the next episode.


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