Leo Messi and Neymar Jr faced each other in an exhibition game held this Wednesday at Lima between a team of Messi’s friends and a Rest of the World XI which gave the Peruvian fans plenty of thrills and excitement. The result – which was perhaps the least important aspect of the game – was an 8-5 win for Messi’s friends.

First time together since 2011

The Estadio Nacional del Perú hosted the 'Duel de Gegants' – the Duel of Giants- which saw Messi  and Neymar, Barça’s new star pairing, play in the same game since the World Club Cup in 2011, when Barça beat Santos 4-0. The two will be on the same side next season though and as Neymar insisted following his signing: “I’ll help Messi to stay the best player in the world”.

The two greeted each other effusively before the game, which saw them both score twice -  Neymar also missed a penalty, though he more than made up for that with a wonderful 40 yard goal that had the fans on their feet in ovation.

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