Rafa Márquez with the Clausura 2014 trophy

Rafa Márquez with the Clausura 2014 trophy / PHOTO: LIGA Bancomer MX

  • Club León Guanajuato (Mexico) was founded in 1944. The Mexican team will celebrate its 70th anniversary this summer during the Gamper Trophy.
  • The official name of Club León’s stadium is Estadio León, inaugurated in 1967, but it’s popularly known as Nou Camp.
  • Club León are back-to-back champions of Mexico. After relegation in 2002, the team returned to Mexico’s top flight in the 2012/13 season. Led by manager Gustavo Matosa, they only needed one season to adapt to the competition, and went on to win the Apertura 2013 and Clausura 2014.
  • The team’s top scorer is Carlos Peña, with seven goals in the league. Luis Montes, with six, has the most assists.
  • The former Barça player Rafa Márquez captains the team, he joined the club in December 2012.
  • The New York Times focused in on Rafa Márquez ahead of the World Cup. In the article, the North American newspaper highlights Márquez's blaugrana past and his amazing accomplishment of captaining Mexico in four consecutive World Cups.
  • Club León are one of the most winning teams in Mexican football. They’ve won the league seven times (1947/48, 1948/49, 1951/52, 1955/56, 1991/92, Opertura 2013 i Clausura 2014) , the Cup five times (1948/49, 1957/58, 1966/67, 1970/71, 1971/72) and the Supercup four times (1947/1948, 1955/1956, 1970/1971 i 1971/1972).
  • They were crowned ‘Campeonísimo’ in the 1948/49 season. The title is reserved for the team that wins the Cup and league in the same season.
  • Internationally, they finished runner up in the CONCACAF Cup of Champions in 1993.
  • They are owned by Grupo Pachuca and Grupo Corso.
  • These are their social media accounts:

                             Twitter: @clubleonfc

                             Facebook: Club León Oficial

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