Neymar Jr


Neymar and Dani Alves’ Brazil secured a point this Tuesday in Fortaleza against Mexico. The men managed by Scolari didn’t have the best of performances, but they created fantastic chances which were all saved by Ochoa. The match, which was frenetic at the start of the first half, lost a bit of its intensity as the game progressed, save for the final 20 minutes which saw both teams frantically trying to score the winner. Neymar was the standout player for Brazil.

The opening minutes of the first half were marked by intensity, physical play, and the hands of Guillermo Ochoa. The Mexican’s, led by former FC Barcelona player Rafa Márquez, managed by hold Neymar and his teammates at bay, especially thanks to Ochoa’s impressive performance in goal. The keeper denied Neymar with a brilliant save on the 26th minute of play and produced another heroic effort just before halftime to deny Thiago Silva. The teams went to the break with 0-0 on the scoreboard.

Mexico fights back

The Mexican’s dominated the first 25 minutes of the second half. Vázquez, Herrera and Guardado tried their luck on the goal defended by Julio César, but all were unsuccessful. Felipe Scolari sent in Jo for Fred, and Neymar, on 68 minutes, enjoyed a fantastic chance to score the opener but Ochoa averted the danger.

Ochoa saves the day

In the final minutes of the game, Brazil pinned Mexico back into their own half. But they couldn’t beat Ochoa, who repeatedly came up with monster saves. Mexico threatened to knick the winner through Jiménez and Guardado in stoppage time, but Julio César did well to preserve the draw.

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