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“Messi is more than a player, he’s our future and our leader,” says Josep Maria Bartomeu in an article this Wednesday published by one of the leading news sources in the United States, The New York Times. The American newspaper says that “Barça is neither broken in spirit nor lacking in knowledge.” According to the journalist who wrote the price, Rob Hughes, the Club has chosen “renewal over revolution.”

Despite the problems this season “Bartomeu has acted with “clarity, diplomacy and firmness,” says Hughes. “48 hours after the defeat to Atlético Madrid” Barça started working on the next season and has made key decisions.

The New York Times also highlights the decision to renew Lionel Messi’s contract and the choice of naming Luis Enrique as manager of the team, which “dealt with the rumors that Messi was heading for the exit and that Barcelona did not know where to look for a new coach.”

Hughes also explains that in an interview he did with Bartomeu, that the president was already planning to renew Messi’s contract and that decisions on the 2014/15 season had already been made.

Messi and Luis Enrique, fundamental for the team

“Luis Enrique, Guardiola’s contemporary, was a warrior when he played” and he trained Celta “with the same style Barça use, despite not having fantastic players like Messi, Neymar, Iniesta or Xavi,” says the New York Times.

It’s a season of change at FC Barcelona and the recent additions to the team haven’t gone unnoticed in the international press.

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