Javier Faus in front of an image of Tito Vilanova / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

An irreplaceable loss, Tito was a formidable man and a great person. His humanity, humility, discretion and fighting spirit will always stay with us. His family, his parents, his wife Montse and his children can all be very proud of him. Somebody who leaves as lasting an impression as Tito will never be completely gone.

I will always remember three moments in particular in our regrettably short relationship. First on the trips back from any game we would often be sitting across the aisle from each other and Tito would begin to analyse the match, whatever the result, as soon as he sat down on the plane. He get out team sheets, talk about the players’ positions... He was a very open and communicative man who liked to relax by talking, chatting about the game. That’s when I discovered an approachable, open and decent man.

The second moment I will always remember is the last long conversation I had with him a few months ago. We talked about our families, life in general and Barça, always Barça! He was a real Barça fanatic. We talked about many things, with the openness which I always appreciated from him, but I remember three ideas I came away with: he was a very human person, he exuded love for his family and he loved Barça so much. From that moment if I ever have a doubt, I try and think, what would Tito have done in this circumstance?

The third is the Whatsapps he sent me these last few difficult months. The thing I most remember is that he never complained and always tried to lift our spirits.

Tito, very few people have the capacity to become a touchstone for the rest of us. It is a treasure that you will leave to your family. Thank you for the thoughts and reflections, you shared with me, they will stay with me forever.

Tito, thank you for making us better people. Rest In Peace.


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