The FCB and Ajax youth teams met in February 2011 / PHOTO: ARXIU - FCB

FC Barcelona and Ajax have never met in an official competition, but their respective youth sides did meet in 2011 in the NextGen Series quarter finals, played over a single leg. Òscar Garcia was manager of the Barça team that day, but a man called Fischer scuppered his plans. The Dane has gone on to become a regular in Frank de Boer’s plans, and that day in 2011, Barça fans got to see his potential. His two goals and one assist led the Dutch side to a 3-0 win on Catalan soil.

Barça’s team that included the likes of Bañuz, Bagnack, Grimaldo and Dongou, while in addition to Fischer, Ajax had five other players that are now in the first team: goalkeeper Mickey van der Hart, defenders Joël Veltman, Stefano Denswill and Ruben Ligeon and striker Davy Klaassen.

Fischer: “Messi is the best”

After playing in the Miniestadi, Viktor Fischer said that “like most players, my dream is to play at the Camp Nou. Barça is the biggest dream, the best club in the world … And Messi is the best player in the world.” Speaking to Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat he added that “I never saw Maradona, Pelé or Cruyff play, but I did see Zidane, and he was brilliant, but nobody has ever seen anything like Messi. He’s incredible.” He then added that “Thierry Henry was always my hero, but I also like Balotelli.”

Fischer has been starting most matches this season, and so now has every chance of realising his dream of playing in the Camp Nou.

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