Andoni Zubizarreta / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

Andoni Zubizarreta was upbeat about the return of Tito Vilanova and his decision to travel with the squad to Paris: “after a couple of months, this is a return to normality for us. Having him, and Abidal, back means we are back to normal and is always good. Tito is fine and that’s why he’s travelled”. However, Zubi wouldn’t confirm that Tito would be in the dugout for the game against PSG on Tuesday evening.

PSG: “very talented”

Zubizarreta also warned about the quality of PSG: “they will make big demands on us. They are very talented, both collectively and individually. They have good players all over the pitch who have a lot of experience in big games – they won’t be frightened of this”. Zubi also stressed the danger the French league leaders pose up front: “they are fast and can make things difficult at any moment” .

The League and UEFA

Questioned about the team’s progress in La Liga, Zubizarreta praised the campaign the team are putting in: “the league seems to have been almost forgotten – but in August it was seen as the most important competition. We are at the top – in a very good position, but as we saw on Saturday, every team is playing for their lives at this stage of the season”.

Finally, Zubizarreta referred to UEFA’s decision to cut Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s suspension, claiming: “I imagine this will set a precedent for the future”.

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