Zubizarreta in the airport before Milan's trip / FOTO: ARXIU FCB

So Zubizarreta isn’t taking too much notice of suggestions that FC Barcelona are the favourites against the Milanese giants: “We won’t know the result until after the second leg. I don’t like predicting the future” he said.

Chasing good result at San Siro

The Barça director of sport likes to take things one match at a time, and all that matters to him for now is Wednesday night. “We will try to use our style of play to be competitive in this game in particular as we do in all competitions in general” he told the press. “Let’s see if we can get a good result at the San Siro”. Asked about the number of goals the team has let in so far, Zubizarreta is staying calm. “Scoring goals penalises you and scoring them gives you an advantage. Ultimately, all teams are looking for a good balance between attack and defence”.

And Xavi is an important part of that. “The more players are available to the manager, the better … It is always good to have strong players with such a knowledge of the game as Xavi. It is the coach who then has to decide on the best way to place them on the field”.

Before flying to Milan, Andoni Zubizarreta described Wednesday’s game as “a great tie involving two huge clubs … We have good relations with Milan but we have to remember that this is going to be a tough and demanding Champions League match.” He knows there have been changes at the Italian club, but “they still know how to compete, with fans who are clear about what the big challenges are. Milan are one of those teams that aren’t frightened by the big occasion and know how to manage the scoreline”.

Tito improving

Zubizarreta also spoke about his lightning trip to New York: “We were able to see that Tito Vilanova is well. He’s getting a bit better every day. He’s carefully following everything that’s happening in football. He almost knows more about the team than we do. This was always going to be a difficult process and we have to be prudent about being optimistic”.

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