Tito Vilanova / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Tito Vilanova talked to the press this Saturday ahead of tomorrow’s match against Valladolid. The manager, who will undergo further treatment in New York City next week, declared that one of his objectives this season is to win 100 points. “We have 91 points, and we know we have the chance to reach 100 points. We’ll try to win our remaining three matches. The more goals we score, the better. We can’t stop competing, that’s the only thing I wouldn’t like. We owe our fans and we have to finish the season in strong fashion,” said Vilanova.

“It’s been a good season”

“When you win the league title it has to be a good season. From the start we were clear that we wanted La Liga. Could we improve on this season? Absolutely. We always have to be demanding with ourselves, but you can’t always improve on what you did last season,” explained the Blaugrana manager, who went on to say that his players should be proud of the title they won this season. “All of my players played for this title. They all participated and all of them should feel as though this title is theirs. Some of the youngsters could play more, but many of them have been named to Spain’s U21 side.”

With the best possible line-up

On May 29 Barça will face Esports Lleida at the Camp Nou in the final of the Copa Catalunya. “We’ll try to field the best possible team in the final of the Copa Catalunya. We’d like to have a good team, but because of the circumstances (league matches) we haven’t been able to do that in the past,” said the manager.

Finally, Vilanova said that it would be exciting if Girona made it to Spain’s top flight. “We’ve been following Girona from the start of the season and we’d like it if they made it into Primera. It would be good for them and for Barça – if we can loan players to them. We need more Catalan teams in Catalonia.”

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