Messi, Valdés i Piqué, els més utilitzats per Vilanova en aquest inici de la temporada

Valdés, Messi and Piqué have enjoyed the most playing time in FC Barcelona’s five official matches this season. The keeper and the Argentine goalscorer have played every minute of every official match so far this year. Piqué, on the other hand, has played a total of 400 minutes this season. He featured in Barça's starting line-up on four occasions and played the second half against Real Sociedad.

Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro, Sergio and Alba have also featured in Barça’s five official matches this year. In total, Vilanova has used 18 players between Liga and Spanish Super Cup fixtures.

Jordi Alba in the Top 10

Alba, who joined the Azulgranas this summer, has enjoyed a lot of playing time since he arrived at the Club. He’s played a total of 326 minutes, more than Iniesta, Alexis or Alves. On the other hand, Puyol and Villa haven’t had a lot of playing time so far this year due to injuries.


450 minutes: Valdés i Messi
402 minutes: Piqué
380 minutes: Xavi
370 minutes: Pedro
360 minutes: Mascherano
354 minutes: Busquets
326 minutes: Alba
318 minutes: Alves
316 minutes: Iniesta
284 minutes: Alexis
208 minutes: Adriano
199 minutes: Cesc and Tello
141 minutes: Puyol
109 minutes: Song
64 minutes: Montoya
40 minutes: Villa

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