Piqué at Tencent

Gerard Piqué arrived at the offices of Tencent Sport yesterday afternoon where he was greeted by awaiting fans. In fact, the player has enjoyed the attention of Chinese fans ever since he arrived in the Asian country. The Catalan player, who evidently has been brushing up on his Chinese, greeted the fans with “Da jia hao, wo sho Pi Ke” [Hello everyone, I’m Piqué].

Table tennis match between two football professionals

Before the interview, Piqué was challenged to a table tennis match by one of the most famous football commentators in the country, Duan Xuan. Besides football, table tennis - the national passtime in China - is a sport that Piqué is rather adept at. A couple of weeks ago he posted a video on the Chinese social network Tencent Weibo of himself taking on Cesc Fàbregas in table tennis. The video didn’t go unnoticed in China. In the match against Duan Xuan, which Piqué won, the Catalan native won the praise of the spectators. After the match, Tencent gave a table tennis paddle signed by world champion Wang Hao.

Interview with Tencent Sport

One of the first questions posed to Piqué was about the upcoming Ballon d’Or award. The player said that “it’s difficult to guess who the winner is going to be, but in my opinion, Messi is the best player in the world.” On the 2012/13 season, the Catalan said “Barça’s objective is to win, without a doubt. Tito, who has been with us as the assistant manager for a long time, will manage the team with the same philosophy. We’re going to fight to win each match, and we’ll try to play beautiful football.”

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