Pedro Rodríguez / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

FC Barcelona returns to the Champions League after a two month hiatus. Two days before the away leg of the round of 16 against AC Milan, Pedro Rodríguez talked about how the team is preparing for the game against the Italians. “We’re very eager to get back to playing in this competition against a difficult rival like AC Milan.” The player also rubbished the insinuation that Barça are favoured to go through to the next round and he reminded the press room that “this round has always been difficult for us each year, perhaps because there’s such a big break in between matches.”

Cautions on AC Milan

“Milan have always been a difficult side because they have a lot of history and they have very dangerous players,” said Pedro. In addition, he went on to say that two leg ties have an added dose of difficulty: “anything can happen in a two leg tie in the Champions League ... we have to be concentrated and be very vigilant on defence.”

“We aren’t dependent on Messi”

The Spanish forward said Leo Messi’s contribution to the team is key, but he added that the team is not dependent on the Argentine. “He’s a key player for what he brings, his goals, his work rate... he’s decisive because he takes responsibility on the pitch. It would be noticeable if he wasn’t playing but we aren’t dependent on him, there are other players that can rise to the occasion.”

100% committed in all competitions

“The most crucial part of the season has arrived, and we’re going to go all out in the league the Champions League and in the Copa del Rey - we’re not going to hold anything back,” said Pedro when asked about Barça’s comfortable position in the domestic competition. “The Liga title gets closer every week, but we still have a long way to go,” said the forward.

When asked about his individual performances, Pedro said his focus is on helping the team even though he admitted that he needs to improve when it comes to finding the back of the net. “Goals are good because they build your confidence but the most important thing is that the team continues to win.”

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