Messi 202

This Sunday, in Week 21 of La Liga, Leo Messi broke the 200-goal barrier in the domestic competition. The Argentine’s most recent victim was Osasuna, more specifically, Osasuna’s keeper Andrés Fernández who collected the ball from the back of his net five times this evening. Overall, Leo Messi has scored 202 goals in his 235 La Liga matches, his goalscoring average is 0,85 goals per match.

Messi’s meteoric rise

Since the 2004/05 season, where Messi played seven La Liga matches, the Argentine hasn’t stopped putting in incredible performances. In his debut season for Barça he only scored one goal, but he showed that he had a lot of talent for the sport.

In the 2009/10 and 2010/11 seasons he scored 34 and 31 goals in 35 and 33 matches, respectively. At that time his numbers seemed surreal. Last season he scored a record-breaking 50 goals, a record that he could break this season, seeing that he’s already netted 33 times in La Liga.


Messi's goals in La Liga

2004/05: 1
2005/06: 6
2006/07: 14
2007/08: 10
2008/09: 23
2009/10: 34
2010/11: 31
2011/12: 50
2012/13: 33

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