Roura, a la banqueta amb Tito Vilanova i Aureli Altimira. FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

“It’s a good result,” said Jordi Roura after this evening’s 2-2 draw against Paris Saint-Germain. The assistant manager explained that “we’re a bit sad with the result seeing how the match played out, we had the game won despite the adversities.” Roura added: “we’re going to approach the return leg like we always do, we have to try to score to make the match more difficult for them; they feel the weight of the stadium and of our fans. We will go out to win the match.”

Controversial decisions

“There were some questionable calls, but the result is good. I’m sure these decisions did not benefit us,” said Roura, who went on to say that “we have to move forward and put these decisions aside.” In addition, the assistant manager said that the PSG’s performance didn’t surprise him: “PSG didn’t surprise me. We knew about their potential going into the match, they are physical and fast. We knew it was going to be a difficult match.”

"They need to feel the weight of the stadium and of our fans. We will go out to win the match”

Injuries, the worst bit of news

“We’ll find out how serious the injuries are, I think that’s the most important thing. Messi has a small issue with his hamstring and we don’t know how severe it is and Mascherano sustained a MCL tear in his right knee,” said Roura, who added that the prospect of playing the return leg without the Argentine duo, especially without the best player in the world, could complicate things for Barça. “If they can’t play it will be negative for us, but other players will step up and they will prove why they deserve to be here. We have a deep roster,” said Roura.

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