Jordi Alba interviewed by Barça TV / PHOTO: ÀLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

Jordi Alba visited FC Barcelona’s offices this morning and tomorrow, Thursday, he’ll officially be unveiled as a new Azulgrana player. The L’Hospitalet native is happy to return home and he hopes to show the Barça supporters why Club officials insisted on his signing. Jordi Alba also thanked the many supporters that made their way to the stadium this morning.

Barça TV caught up with Jordi Alba after this morning's traditional photo shoot with the Club crest:

Your gesture to the fans that have been waiting to see you was fantastic.

“Yes, it’s a beautiful thing for the public to love you and I’m so pleased that I’ve signed with such a big club. The fans are delighted with me and I’m delighted with them.”

Your life has changed over the course of one month. With the Spanish national team, winning the EURO, signing with Barça... could you ask for anything else?

“I’m very pleased, it’s been an incredible month for me and now I have to take advantage of the opportunity that FC Barcelona has given me. I’m coming home, with my family and my people, that’s why I’m so content.”

FC Barcelona’s last Catalan left back was Sergi Barjuan. What does it mean for you and what excites you the most about starting this new chapter with Barça?

“I’m excited that I’ll be playing in the best team in the world, with the best players and the best fans. It’s a big challenge for me but I’ll try to do my best. It’s a great opportunity, I have to improve my game a lot and this is a great club to do it in.”

When you left Barça did you ever imagine you’d be back? Was that your objective or did the desire to come back grow over the course of your career?

“When I left, when I was only 15, I did my own thing. Luckily years later Barcelona signed me. the club has given me a chance and I’m very pleased.”

We saw how well you played alongside Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc and Pedro in the EURO. How will this help your transition into the team?

“Besides the national team players I already know a lot of guys in the youth system, the teammates I played with when I was here. I’m sure I’ll have a fast transition.”

Have you had the chance to talk to Tito Vilanova?

“Yes, we talked after the EURO and he congratulated me. I’m very eager to start playing with Barça.”

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