The Catalan full back is enjoying a great start on his return to the Club, having started 12 of the last 13 games and only missing the Cup game against Alaves, but he reckons there’s plenty of room for improvement: “I started a little slowly, but now I feel really good and confident. I’m fitting into the team and I want to get better with every day”.

Home grown team

Alves’ injury at the Ciutat de Valencia brought on Montoya and for more than an hour the team was made up entirely of players who had come up through the Masia, which Alba reckons: “is good news for the kids in the academy – they can see they can reach the first team if they work hard- We’re very happy about it, but there other players in the squad who have come in from outside too and they are also very important”.

Team need to focus on their own performances

In the league, Barça are currently sitting three points ahead of second place Atletico who have to play Real Madrid next weekend, but Alba reckons the team just have to concentrate on their own game: “we will be looking to win next week and we shouldn’t be worried about what’s happening in other games that don’t involve us, just looking at our own performances. What is good for us is simply that we win”.
Jordi was prepared to praise Atletico though, explaining: “they are having a great season and they are challengers for the league. They could easily overtake us. You can’t rule out anybody - a club like Madrid (currently 11 points adrift of Barça) will fight until the last game of the season to win the league”.


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