The Blaugrana are aware of how difficult it will be to fight back against Bayern after the 4-0 from the away leg, but they’re confident that a comeback is possible. “The players believe a comeback is 100% possible. As the days have gone by we’ve been bolstering our confidence with positive messages. Football is also psychological,” said Piqué this Tuesday. “We are talented enough to fight back," he added.

The FC Barcelona full back also called on the Camp Nou faithful to flock to the stadium on Wednesday: “I know the result makes it hard to believe. This Wednesday we all must to have the faith of a child and lose our common sense. If we go into the match with that mentality, maybe we can do it, even if common sense tells us it’s complicated.”

Scoring early is key

The only team that can fight back from a 4-0 deficit against this Bayern Munich is this Barça. We need to be ourselves, we can’t feel as though we’ve already been eliminated. An early goal would give us a lot of confidence,” said the Blaugrana, who added: “we’re part of a Club that has a lot of history and we’ll do our best to add to that history.”

Scoring early and not conceding any. That’s the goal, according to Piqué, and in order to do it Barça must “open of the pitch, have possession and move the ball quickly.” He added: “We have to be very offensive. The wide backs have to push forward. Messi has to be part of the game. The forwards have to be incisive and the midfielders need to find more room in the middle of the pitch.”

Winning for the fans

“We want to win for ourselves and for the fans, who have always been there for us. The fans have shown their gratitude to the team and this Wednesday we want to play a good game,” said Piqué.

“If the right things come together and if we get lucky, anything is possible,” said Piqué.

“Beckenbauer is a gentleman”

When asked about the statements made by Bayern’s honorary president, Franz Beckenbauer, Piqué explained that “his declarations were misinterpreted.” He added: “I know him personally and he’s a gentleman. Barça has been exemplary for many years.”

Finally, when asked about the controversial decisions against Barça over the past couple of Champions League matches, Piqué only said that “there have been quite a few errors and perhaps it’s time to implement new technologies.”

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