Fàbregas, durante la rueda de prensa. FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Cesc Fàbregas is very clear just how important this Thursday’s quarter final second leg against Malaga is for the team “ it’s our most important match so far this season – it’s our first final. We have to be confident that we can get a result even though they are a team who won’t make it easy for us. When you play so many games against the same opponent, you obviously know how they play, but I think the subs bench could prove decisive”.


Fabregas echoed Andres Iniesta’s feelings about keeper Victor Valdes, who has announced he won’t be renewing his contract with the Club in 2014, insisting: “he’s given the Club time to find a solution - he’s not thought first about himself, but about the Club and the team and that seems like the right thing to me”. Cesc also insisted that the announcement hadn’t affected Valdes: “we would have been right to be worried if he wasn’t training right, but the opposite is true –he’s like a youngster the way he works in training. We have to respect his decision and close the matter there. We have titles to fight for and the game goes on and so does the Club – the most important thing is how many things we can win this year”.

Constant improvement

Cesc Fàbregas has clearly felt more at home on the pitch this season and he explained: “I’m a very competitive player and I am always trying to improve. I look at what I have done after every game and try and take the positive things that I can give to the team, because you can always get better and do more. I’m very relaxed, I’m linking up better and choosing better when to make my runs. I’m much better physically than I was last season . I’ve worked hard from the start to ensure I can get to the end in a good condition”.

Possible Clásico

If Barça do get through against Malaga and Real Madrid see off Valencia, that would set up a “clasico” between the big two in the semi finals and whilst Cesc insisted that the team was focussed first on the job in hand, he admitted: “a game between us and Madrid is always going t be close and you never know what might happen – the only thing you are thinking about is winning, not about the points that separate them from you”.

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