In regards to the Catalan Super Cup, FC Barcelona states:

1. - The Club has always supported the Catalan Football Federation, Catalan football and ultimately Catalan sports. In the same way the Club has supported the country in the past, like in the Marathon against Poverty or, more recently, agreeing to donate all proceeds from the upcoming match between USAP and Stade Toulousian to the victims of the Alt Empordà fires, it is committed to continuing that support in the future.

2. - The Club accepts the Catalan Football Federation’s proposal to play the Catalan Super Cup on September 26. The FC Barcelona managers will present the best possible team for the match, thereby reaffirming the commitment made by the Club to play the Catalan Super Cup on Tuesday, July 31st.

3. - The Club regrets that institutions like the Catalan Football Federation and the Secretary General of Sport want to interfere in the decisions of team managers on what the best available FC Barcelona team is for the Catalan Super Cup.

4. - The Club appeals to said organisations and institutions to be aware that the large amount of official matches make it impossible for the team and players to take on additional commitments.

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