Goikoetxea i Rexach, eufòrics / FOTO: ARXIU FCB

This season’s sixth game between Barça and Real Madrid comes on the back of Tuesday’s defeat in the Spanish Cup Final, but it also marks the biggest ever difference between the two teams ahead of a game at the Bernabeu, with Barça sitting 16 points ahead of their hosts, who are third in the table.

New record after 22 years

The largest difference up until now had been the 13 point gap between the two in the 1990/91 season, when a win was still only worth two points. That game, which Madrid won 1-0, occurred towards the end of the season, week 38 - whereas this year’s game is being played in week 26- and Johan Cruyff’s Dream Team had already sealed the first of what was to be a run of four league titles.

Game ends with a lead of more than 10 points on three occasions

That defeat meant that Barça left the Bernabeu with an 11 point lead - equalling the largest lead previously set in the 1973/74 season after the historic 0-5 win, but whatever happens on Saturday, this season’s side will set a new record - if they lose, they’ll have a 13 point lead, if they draw it’ll stay at 16 and if they win, it’ll stretch to 19.

Good record over last decade

Over the last few years, Barça have come into the game at the Bernabeu with a lead – in fact only twice in the last ten years have Madrid kicked off against Barça at the Bernabeu ahead on points –in the 2007/08 and 2011/12 seasons.

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