Alex Song has had the chance to experience the city and what it means to wear the Barça jersey. The Cameroonian explained to Barça TV - in an interview that will air this evening at 21.15 - and fcbarcelona.com that he wants to win titles with his new Club and that he’s willing to play in any position that Tito Vilanova asks him to play in. FC Barcelona’s extraverted number 25 is impressed with the great atmosphere in the Barça dressing room, and noted that he's good friends with Cesc Fàbregas.

What’s your take on the last 24 hours? How have you felt since you arrived?

“I feel great, I’m really content. These past couple of days have been fantastic for me, I feel like I’m a little kid. The Club’s people treat me really well and that’s really good for me. The chance to come to Barça only comes around once in a lifetime. I love the way Barça play and when a Club like this asks you to come play for them, you can’t say no.”

What is it that you like most about Barça? ... the team’s style of play, the players, the titles ...

“Honestly, I like it all. Barça’s style of play is appealing for anyone watching football, and now that I have the opportunity to be here, I’ll give it my all.”

When a player arrives to a new team, often times he needs to change certain things about his play in order to adapt to the team’s system. You’ll be playing alongside your friend Cesc, will this help with your transition?

“It’s good for me. Cesc is a great person. Actually, I’m sleeping at his house and I think he’ll help me adjust to the Club quickly. He’ll give me advice and he’ll show me the right path I need to take. It’s always more difficult when you don’t know anyone, but I know him and I’m sure he’ll make this transition easier. Cesc will tell me how I should act.”

Can you describe what type of player you are?

“I’m a player that likes to leave it all on the pitch, and my technique isn’t bad. I’m pretty tough in one-on-one situations, I always try to win the ball. I think that English football is a bit different to Spanish football. It’s more physical in England, but it’s different here and I’ll have to adapt. I don’t think my style of play will change that much, but I will have to improve.”

Tito Vilanova says that you can play in three positions, in the midfield and as a center back. Do you feel comfortable playing in these positions?

“Yes, when I was at Arsenal I played in the defensive midfielder and center back positions, and with my national team I sometimes have played right behind the forwards. I want to enjoy playing the game and give it my all to help the team. I have no preference [where I play], I’ll gladly play in any position the manager tells me to.”

What objectives have you set for yourself this season? What are you expecting?

“I want to win it all. Barcelona are a winning team, they always win the titles they set out to win. I haven’t won anything and it’s an excellent opportunity for me, so I hope we keep on winning. My hope is that at the end of the season we are able to lift as many titles as we possibly can.”

Mascherano, who came from Liverpool, said that he didn’t expect to feature regularly in the starting line-up because there were so many good players here. In the end, however, he’s become one of the manager’s go-to players. What do you expect? Do you expect to feature in the starting line-up?

“There are a lot of games every season when you play for Barça, and I said that I would give it my all because if the manager believes in me he’ll give me chances to play. The best players in the world play for Barça, I’m very proud to be here and I hope to play as many games as possible.”

When you were a child, or even now, who was the player you looked up to?

“When I was a kid I liked a lot of players, I really liked Ronaldo, but I followed a lot of players. When I started my professional career I focused on Makelele, because he played really well and we played in the same position. I was very lucky because I played against him and I had a chance to talk to him and ask him for guidance, that helped me a lot ... it was a great experience. Thanks to that I’m a Barça player and it’s fantastic.”

When you were a child did you imagine playing professional football? Or was football just a hobby for you?

“When I started I didn’t think I’d be a professional player. It all began when I started my studies in Corsica. Professional footballers would come for the weekends and I realised that I wanted to be like them, so I focused my efforts on that because I thought it would be fantastic. Now I play for Barça and I think it’s great that I’m here. Not everyone can play for Barça and I know that I’m very fortunate, I want to enjoy it and improve.”

Song's love for music

We’ve seen you play with Arsenal, but what kind of person is Alex Song?

“People say that I’m a fun guy, that’s my personality. I like to laugh and joke around in the dressing room, I like to dance and dress in unique styles - I have my own style. I like to be different, that’s how I am. People say that I’m fun and, if you want to get to know me, I’ll give you the chance.”

What are your hobbies?

“I really like music. I listen to any kind of genre but right now I’m into a lot of African music.”

Is it true that you have 27 siblings?

“Yes, I come from a very big family and that helps me, because I have all of my brothers and sisters at my side when difficult things happen. They are very dear to me and I think that’s good, because if something happens I know that I can rely on them...  When I came here and I saw the team, I thought to myself: ‘this is like a family, they're all together and unified,’ and that’s how it is. This unity has made them strong, a winning team."

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