Adriano Correia, who has extended his contract until 2017, is the perfect versatility player for FC Barcelona. That versatility has seen him play in five different positions- and always at the highest level. Adriano has played as both left and right back, centre half, in the middle and as a winger and that quality combined with his immense talent have made him a player the coaches know they can place their trust in.

More goals with every season

Adriano was the Club’s first signing under President Rosell and he has enjoyed more and more opportunities with each season – something he has repaid with more and more goals. He scored just once in the 2010/11 campaign, 3 the following year and this season he has doubled that to six, so far. A tireless team player, Adriano has also shown himself to be a great finisher from distance, with spectacular goals against Valencia and Atletico de Madrid in particular.

105 games and 10 goals

Only injuries have kept Adriano from making more appearances over his three years at the Club, though he in fact played in 105 games (31 in 2010/11, 40 in 2011/12 and 34 so far this season), and scored 10 times. Only once has he managed to score more than one goal in a game – in the Club World Cup semi-final against Al-Sadd in 2011.

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