Abidal at the 'Relats Solidaris' event / PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA – FCB

Abidal at the 'Relats Solidaris' event / PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA – FCB

Abidal at the 'Relats Solidaris' event / PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA – FCB

On Saturday he was back playing at the Camp Nou after over a year on the sidelines. “My aim was always to come back”, said Éric Abidal. “I enjoy the training and the chances the manager gives me. If I play, great. If not, I try to help my colleagues.” And right now they have a common goal. “There are three games left. The aim is to get into the Champions League final for Tito. No two ways about it” he said.

“My future? The club will decide. My contract ends in June and I want to carry on playing. I want to end my career at Barça but I don’t know whether the club wants me out” said Abidal with a smile.

Abidal and charity

The Barça star was showing his most charitable side on Thursday at midday. “It is an honour to be here. Everything to do with illnesses affects me. They have to be researched. It has been shown that nothing is impossible”, said Abidal, adding that “we all have a family. We have done a lot things for the people. I wanted to help. I bought a hospital for elderly people with problems and I also want to help children with walking difficulties”.

Asked about the current health cutbacks, the Frenchman spoke defiantly: “There’s no point to these cutbacks. There are lots of patients still waiting for a transplant. No cuts should be made to healthcare”.

Patron of 9th edition of ‘Relats solidaris de l’esport’

Éric Abidal was the patron on Thursday at the presentation of a book full of charitable sports stories called “Relats solidaris de l’esport”, the proceeds from which will be going to the Catalan Cystic Association. A total of 36 reporters from different media in Barcelona and Madrid have collaborated with the ninth edition of the publication. Many of those professionals were there at today’s presentation, along with Javier Faus, FCB’s vice president for the Economics and Strategy Area. The initiative has raised more than 350,000 euros since 2005 and has involved over the years the participation of Frank Rijkaard, Ronaldinho, Carles Puyol, Xavi Hernández, Andrés Iniesta, Pep Guardiola, David Villa, and many other stars.

Abidal appears on the cover this year in a picture that shows him naked from the waist upwards and in his typical celebratory pose with his hands crossed – a picture that is sure to grab the attention of plenty of potential readers.

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