David Villa was one of the mainstays of Barça's victory against Rayo, with a goal and his usual tireless work up front. At the end of the game Pep Guardiola praised his work, and on Wednesday at noon, at a press conference, Villa expressed his satisfaction. "I feel important, and even more so when the manager speaks well of me" he said.

Feels everybody's affection

He lives for goals, like any striker, but Villa said that he doesn't feel a release every time he scores: "I've always had the affection of teammates and especially the public. I noticed it since the day I arrived. So it's not vital that I score.......I don't give any importance to what is said outside the Club. I don't have to be worried about all of this, it's all the same to me. I work so that the manager, my colleagues, the fans, and my family, are happy, and that's the case".

In addition, David Villa said he felt comfortable where he's playing: "I'm playing in the same positions as last season, but sometimes within different systems. I've played on the left, sometimes on the right, and recently down the middle, and I'm happy in all of them ". He also analysed why, despite his constant escaping from defenders, he doesn't always get the ball: "We are a team with lots of players in front of the ball, we have loads of options. There's only one ball and we can't all receive it. When I don't get it, I try to create space for others".

An important victory

On the other hand, Villa admitted that after a defeat "it's always important to win again". For him, the reason for the better results at home is simple: "Any team, and more so us with the fans that we have, feel more comfortable at home. We need to change the situation away from home, not lose any more points, and continue the brilliant run at the Camp Nou". The next away game will be in Madrid, and Villa is clear about it: "Whoever we play against, we plan just the same. The greatness of this club forces us to go out to win. We're going to the Bernabeu in different circumstances to other years, but with the same idea".

Villa spoke about his recent statements about Barca's possibilities of winning El Clásico. "It's clear that we can win, just like we can draw, or we can lose. I don't understand why everything should be taken out of context "he said.

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