Josep Maria Fusté / PHOTO: ARXIU FCB

Carles Rexach / PHOTO: ARXIU FCB

Ex-FC Barcelona players Rexach, Fuster, Alfonseda, Seguer, and Olivella share a common vision on how the current season is shaping up for Barça: “La Liga is a long competition, by the way Barça have been playing there’s good reason to be optimistic despite the three point advantage Real Madrid enjoys.” The ex-Blaugrana’s told Barça TV that they have complete confidence in Pep Guardiola’s side.

Carles Rexach: “There’s a long way to go”

FC Barcelona board adviser, Carles Rexach, was the most prudent of the consulted Barça ex-players: “There’s a long way to go in La Liga. At minimum, you can start evaluating the team only after the first half of the season is over. Once we get there we can make conclusions about the team.”

Josep Maria Fuster: “La Liga will be decided in the games against Real Madrid”

Josep Maria Fuster, FC Barcelona board adviser, isn’t bothered by the current advantage Madrid enjoys in the standings: “I’m not worried about it because the team is playing with the same rhythm and pace. I know the team and Guardiola has a lot of options. So much so that he can put Cesc as striker and Xavi as wide defender. They all have the same game philosophy, however, I believe that the League will be decided in the two Clásicos.”

Ramon Alfonseda: “I’m only worried about injuries”

The President of Agrupación Barça Jugadores, Ramon Alfonseda, is only worried about injuries to the players: “The most important thing is that players don’t get injured, it’s what worries me most. I’m sure Madrid will have a dip in form along the way. Teams like Athletic Club or Levante are doing things right and they have shown that everyone can lose points.”

Ferran Olivella: “We have a sensational squad”

One of Barça’s legendary captains, Ferran Olivella, is as prudent as he is optimistic: “The Liga is very long and many things can happen. The day two and two adds up to four in football is the day the sport is over, we have a sensational team that plays differently from everybody else. I have complete confidence in these players.”

Josep Seguer: “We cannot allow ourselves to be distracted”

Josep Seguer donned the Barça shirt between 1943 and 1957. The ex-Barça player has seen pretty much everything there is to see in football, for this reason he calls for caution: “We cannot allow ourselves to be distracted. We have to admit that Real Madrid is better now compared to last year. Notwithstanding, Madrid were also ahead last year but we finished first. I think Barça is doing really well, I’ve thought so for a long time.”

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