Alexis Sanchéz

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The above video, recorded during the taping of a Turkish Airlines advert last week, offers a rare glimpse of FC Barcelona’s first-team players.

ESPN. Graham Hunter. Lionel Messi’s rise to greatness

The incident which best sums up Leo Messi's meteoric rise from a kid ... to first-team debutant less than three years later is a match that has become known as the partido del mascara -- the face mask game.

Miami Herald. David J. Neal. LeBron James or Lionel Messi: Which one’s better?

The best player in the world authored another one of those games. One of those displays of Sizzlers speed dribbling, strength on the ball, striking finishing ability that reminded opponents, the world TV and YouTube audience of the simple fact: On his game, he cannot be stopped. And LeBron James had a sunny Sunday, too.

Buenos Aires Herald. Messi targeting favourite victims at Atlético Madrid

The World Player of the Year has more goals against Atletico than any other domestic rival - 17 in 13 matches, including 14 in La Liga and three in the King's Cup.

Twitter. Graeme Bandeira. Drawing of FC Barcelona manager Joseph Guardiola

FIFA. Pele: I was born to play football

I’ve been watching this Barça side a lot lately and they’re like Santos were in my heyday, or the great Benfica, Ajax, AC Milan and Real Madrid sides. They all set the standard in their day and, like I said, the key to their success was the fact they had settled line-ups over a long period of time. And don’t forget that Barcelona is the core of the Spanish team.

Foreign Desk. Martin Ainstein / Sid Lowe / Filippo Ricci. Messi or Maradona? [English]

This is a repeat from last week's Azulgrana Roundup, however, this time the Foreign Desk gentlemen made an English version.

Total Barça. Tactical Review: Bayer Leverkusen 1-3 FC Barcelona

So, ever the savvy and against an opponent even now considered by many to be the most destructive pugilist of any era, Ali decided the best way to defeat Foreman was to, of course, allow the champion to beat the living hell out of him.

Goal.com. Stefan Coerts. Alexis Sanchéz is the perfect player for Barcelona, says Ronald Koeman

He has adapted very well to Barcelona's style of play and fits in perfectly. He offers a lot of variation to Barca's game. He really gives the team something extra with his pace, close control and good runs.

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