With the King’s Cup Final only four days away (May 25, at 22:00 against Athletic Club), the details of the Barça supporters’ trip to Madrid have been announced. A total of 2,400 members have booked their travel through FCBViatges. 1,050 members will make the trip via motor coach and 1,350 will travel by train.

It’s worth noting that the Club made 13,600 tickets available to members and 3,400 available to supporters clubs.

Here is all the travel information for Barça members travelling by motor coach or train.


• 18 vehicles will depart from Catalonia for Madrid this Friday. Most of them, 15, will start the journey to the Spanish capital from the Camp Nou at 6:30 in the morning. All members that have signed up for this trip must be present at the Camp Nou half an hour before the scheduled departure (6:00).

• Furthermore, two motor coaches will leave from the Espai Gironès for Barça members living in Girona. The vehicles are scheduled to leave at 6:30, members must be present half and hour before departure.

• The last motor coach is allocated to members making the trip from Vilanova, Tarragona and Lleida. The motor coach will start the journey at 6:00 from Vilanova (travellers must be present at 5:45 at the Vilanova train station), the motor coach will then leave from Tarragona at 6:45 (members need to be present at the Plaza Imperial Tarraco at 6:30) and, finally, from Lleida at 8:30 (members need to be present at the Camp d’Esports at 8:00).

IMPORTANT: Members that make the motor coach trip from the Camp Nou will be able to park their cars at the Camp Nou’s Lateral zone (entry gates 1 and 21). The car must be moved before 12:00 on Saturday.


• There will also be a Barça expedition travelling by train. Members will make the trip in four different trains, all of which will leave from the Sants-Estació station. Three of the trains are exclusively allocated to Barça members: the first train will leave at 9:00, the second at 9:40 and the last at 11:00. There will also be a train leaving at 8:00, this train has a car exclusively for Barça members with a ticket for the Final.

IMPORTANT: Members that booked their travel arrangements through FCBViatges will also be given a one-way ticket from Cercanías, this will allow members to travel from Atocha to Pirámides, the metro stop adjacent to the Vicente Calderón. Once the match is over, there will be motor coaches at the Paseo de las Yeserías to transport members back to Atocha for the return trip.


• The 3,400 supporters club members that have a ticket for the final will make the trip to Madrid via 38 motor coaches. Of these, 25 will leave from Catalonia and the rest will make the trip from all over Spain (Andalusia, Asturias, Extremadura, Valencia, Alicante and Castellón).

• Furthermore, there are supporters club members from other countries that will also make the trip. The countries represented in the final will be: Qatar, Morocco, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Costa Rica, Poland, Brazil, United States, France, Holland, Canada, Panama, Belgium, Ireland, Argentina, Greece, UK and Gambia.

In total, there will be 1,200 Barça supporters clubs at the Vicente Calderón.

IMPORTANT: supporters clubs members that booked their trips through FCBViatges will also be given a parking pas that will allow them to park near the Vicente Calderón.


Even though it’s recommended to utilise public transport, the local authorities have suggested various areas of the city that will make parking easier. These locations are the Planetario de Madrid (members and fans will then have to travel by metro to the Méndez Álvaro station), parking lot at the Atocha station, and parking on the Avenida de Córdoba (members and fans will then have to travel by metro to the Almendrales station). There is no guarantee that parking will be available.


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