Josep Guardiola

Barça put in a workmanlike performance to take a single goal win over Granada through Xavi’s excellent free kick. After praising his players’ ability to “close down the game,” he admitted that they had lacked speed in moving the ball around.

Slow ball circulation

“The truth is that we were slower than we normally are in moving the ball around, which is our strong point, but we did try to take control, which is something that happens when you are playing so many games.”

The boss was clear that with the score at just 0-1 “anything could happen. With a single goal and playing 11 against 10 and you still can’t get the second, you play with a bit of fear because you feel you have to get that second. It’s not that we played badly, but we were lacking fluidity – that happens sometimes.”

Granada’s quality

Guardiola also praised Granada: “I want to congratulate Granada on their return to the top flight after so long. It was nice to be here at this stadium with its fantastic atmosphere. They played at a good level and have some very good players. I’ve been studying them a lot over the last few days and it’s true that they have stood up to every team they’ve played”.

Asked about Touré Yaya’s recent statements concerning his last few months at the Club, Guardiola commented: “the door to my office is always open. We spoke during his last year and I spoke to his wife and his agent . I speak to everybody and if we meet up in the Champions League I’ll try and convince him of that.”


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