Distillery-FCB (1971/72)

Distillery-FCB (1971/72)

The 1-3 win that Barça achieved in Leverkusen is not a very common result in international competition. In fact, FC Barcelona, the only club that has been an ever- present in Europe, only did it once. It was in the 1971/72 season, in the last 32 round of the old European Cup Winners Cup. Then, the opponent was Distillery from Northern Ireland, and in the return leg at the Camp Nou, the Barça team managed by Rinus Michels finished the job with a convincing 4-0 win.

Another 1-3, in 2005

Having said that, the last time Barça won by 1-3 in the Champions League was in the group stages in 2004/05. That time the opponents were Glasgow Celtic.

In the entire history of the European tournaments, a 1-3 scoreline has happened 178 times in an away leg, and only 4 times were the defeated sides able to turn it around. The only team able to turn it around in the top European competition were Ajax, against Benfica, in 1969.

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